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Puffpuff is Western and Central African street food designed to please all palates, Puff Puff. You may know it by its other name, beignet. 


People in Western and Central Africa would be very familiar with Puff Puff, as this indulgent snack is sold on every corner of their streets and costs very little. When served with a heaping spoonful of Nutella or a drizzle of syrup, Puff Puff becomes the ultimate African dessert for those with a insatiable sweet tooth.


Try this Puff Puff recipe for yourself today.

You only need 2 cups warm water about 500 ml only.


1. Mix Motherland Puff Puff - Bofrot - Beignet Mix  with the 2 cups of warm water till its smooth.  


2. Let it proof for 2 -3 hours.


3. Heat some vetable oil up to 360F


4. Using an icescream scoop, scoop out enough dough gently put in in the hot oil and deep fry  till golden brown on all sides. 


5. When its golden brown, take your puff out and place on a paper towel to soak any excess oil. 


6. Serve warm as a snack with hotsauce or as dessert with ice cream or raspberry sauce.




Motherland Puff Puff - Bofrot - Beignet Mix

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