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My Delicious Fish Friday!

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Our Cameroonian grilled fish and vegetables cooking... Let's make this #lockdown2020 fun!

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We are almost ready to eat. The only thing we are missing in this picture is you!

Every Friday, my family comes together to eat our fish dinner with our friends. It is always the best way to start the weekend in my eyes.

We wanted to make sure fish was a main part of our diet but also try new seafood and recipes using mainly Cameroonian recipes.

I must tell you, its always a hit. The fish is usually seasoned, grilled and paired with various side dishes from all over the world and wine form Africa.


1 bunch of fresh basil

1bunch of fresh mint

6 cloves of garlic

1 medium sized onion


3 seasoning cubes


Below are 2 videos that will guide you throughout the process. You can download this recipe and many other delicious African recipes by clicking the link below:


How To Cook Cameroonian Grilled Fish Part 1.


How To Cook Cameroonian Grilled Fish Part 2.

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