The time is now, to experience something new, exciting and different.

  • Are you looking for new entertainment for your events?

  • Do you need authentic African entertainment for Black History Month and other related events?

  • Are you looking for culturally diverse entertainment in your corporation, college or school?

  • Are you curious about African food and culture?

  • Are you looking for a judgment free space to learn about Africa?

  • Are you just looking to connect to music and entertainment from home?


You’ve come to the right place. Book a house concert now and bring Africa to your backyard.

We will take you on exciting and unforgettable journey to Africa through music, art and storytelling in an interactive setting.

Our Packages

Motherland Cultural Competency Training


$2000 for up to 30 participants

What we Offer
- Curated experiences that highlight different Afro-cultures through food, music & storytelling
- Engaging, interactive hands-on experiences, to complement D&I training of workforce
- A safe space to learn about Afro-cultures, perspectives and thinking styles
Service Activities include:
- Diversity & Inclusion CQ hands-on workshop
- Corporate Days Away & Bonding Activities
- Corporate End of year Activities
Our curated events are offered both In-Person &

Motherland Cooking Xperience


$1500 for up to 30 participants for 2 hours (2-course meal)

We take you on an exciting journey
into Afro-heritage & culture through food in a cooking class paired with music and storytelling.


Motherland House Concerts


$2000 for up to 30 participants (2 hours)

Learn cultural competency through the lens of music.

Discover local and touring African artists in live performances, storytelling.

Which African Dish Would You Like To Master?

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Saturday 11:00 - 17:00




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