Motherland Cooking Xperience is a BBB Accredited Cooking Class in Caledonia, MI
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It's Date Night, let us take you to Africa. You will be guided by our chef and serenaded by our African creatives.  


Welcome to Motherland Cooking Xperience, the only fully curated African cultural experience that pairs food, art storytelling, and music together in a unique, interactive and virtual setting.


Imagine a personal chef for that once in a lifetime ROMANTIC DINNER

prepared and served in your home or virtually!


One of the most popular types of dinners we are called upon to prepare are special romantic dinners.  Engagement, birthdays, Valentines Day, anniversary, commitment, new job, new baby, special day, in other words, just think of any occasion that you and your significant other want to celebrate!


Imagine surprising your fiancé' with his or her favorite specially prepared dinner.  She/He will never see it coming if they arrive to find your home filled with the aroma of the foods they love the most.  Everyone knows what it is like to go out to dinner, but the experience of having a chef prepare a special meal for you in your home will be something you will talk about for years.

What upcoming special romantic date could you book that would make it a memory that you both will cherish for years to come?


We have got you!

We will give your both a unique and authentic experience that takes you to Africa without physically flying there.



We are excited to share these recipes and stories with you.  Our cooks are seasoned cooks from different African countries, each one bringing their own style, stories and history with love.

So, come away with us to Africa!

What you get:

3-course meal demo:

Menu - West African pepper soup (vegan substitutes are available), Whole grilled Cameroonian fish with herb sauce and fried plantains, with banana puff puff dessert.

We can also create your own menu according to your food sensitivities for an additional fee (depends on the ingredients you choose.)

Live music



 The rate is $350 for a private cooking experience.

For virtual couple's cooking experience, we will send you a meal prep kit with all the ingredients at least 1 day before the start of the experience.


What would it entail?

- You can cook with us online or in person.

Where are you located?

- We are located in Caledonia, MI.

How much would it cost?

- $350 without taxes and gratuity, for both in person or virtual class.

If you choose the virtual option, we send you all the ingredients to your address.

What do we cook?

- (Menu) - West African Pepper soup (Meat or vegan), Cameroonian grilled fish (chicken or veggies) with fried ripe plantains and banana puff puff for dessert.

Can you create our own private menu?

- Yes we will create your personalized menu - call for more details (+16812858313)

Private Couple's Cooking Experience
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