Motherland Cooking Xperience is a BBB Accredited Cooking Class in Caledonia, MI
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Bring the World to Your Kitchen

Interactive Cooking Class with Chefs Across the Globe

Bring the world into your kitchen with authentic international cuisine shared by locals themselves.


Explore and connect within the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Whether you’re rekindling a favorite travel memory or uncovering a new culture and cuisine, we’ll always fuel your desire to explore and connect.

Originally, we started Community Classes as a way to stay connected with our global chefs and our community when we couldn’t cook together in person during 2020. Community Classes continue to bring foodies, travelers, and explorers together in a unique and intimate virtual setting.

Community Classes connect you to a global chef, a host, and a close group of individuals who you already have something in common with - a great taste in a delicious dish.

Let’s get cooking!


Register for Class

Find a recipe that looks the tastiest and works best with your schedule. Click the class link to find a detailed description of the ingredients and register.

How Cooking Classes Work


Purchase the FOOD

Join US!

Before class, grab the ingredients and tools listed on the class page. Many recipes can be modified for dietary restrictions while maintaining the cultural integrity.

Join your class at the correct date and time by clicking the Zoom link in your registration email. While in class, leave yourself off mute, ask questions, and have fun!

Upcoming Community Classes

Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know when classes are released.

Our upcoming classes are part of our Around the Table Recipe Collection Cooking Series, where our chefs are teaching their recipes published in our Recipe Collection. It is not required for you to have a copy of the Recipe Collection to join the class, but if you’d like to add the Collection to your cookbook library, you can purchase a copy from our Shop Page.

Why Choose Us?


Engage Thoughtfully & Intimately


Participate in Cultural Exchange


Make A Difference

With a maximum of 20 people, you have time and space to interact with the chef instructor & other cooking participants as you like.

Chefs come to you live from their kitchens across the world, sharing their original, and often their family, recipes along with personal stories and experiences.

Be a patron of global small businesses! A portion of the proceeds from every cooking class goes directly to our chefs around the world. 

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